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Heart Tronics, formerly Signalife Inc. (also formerly known as Recom Management Systems Inc., and before that, Mt. Olympus Enterprises, Inc.) as its name suggests is a medical device company committed in sharing their wisdom to develop and market medical devices designed to provide cardiovascular monitoring solutions for patients diagnosed with symptoms of heart disease.

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A sophisticated heart monitoring system called Fidelity 100 became the company's first of its own flagship product; recognized and won the title as “Technology Innovation Award” in the field of ECG monitoring in 2006. What sets this technology apart from parallel products is its ability to collect clear and undistorted ECG signals in ambulatory patients. Heart Tronics continued their efforts of using the technology used in Fidelity 100. In 2007 the company launched Fidelity 300 and other product line extensions such as the Fidelity 200 Event Recording System, Fidelity 350 and Fidelity 400.

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